Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Where to start a beer blog.

I guess this blog truly started in February, 2008, when I had decided to chronicle every different beer I would try from that point forward. I chose a small hard-bound journal as the chronicling body, which I've toted with me everywhere I've gone in the past nine months. During that span, I've sampled 249 different imports, microbrews, mega-domestic-lites and homebrews, and each one can be found somewhere in my red journal's lined pages.

I intended for this project to be only for my knowledge and use, so that I could track the progression of my beer taste buds as I go through life. I noted where and when I had the beer for the first time, whether it was from a bottle, can, draught or other source, and where I had it. I gave tidy, yet descriptive, critiques of each beer using language that made sense to me. No IBU's or hop specifications here. I used a five-star rating system. (I tossed around cheesy ratings thoughts like using mugs instead of stars, but that was a bit too much. And tiny stars are much easier to draw.)

People (OK, a couple of the dozen people who even know this journal exists) encouraged me to expand the project. Why keep it to yourself? Isn't there a bigger vehicle for such and endeavor? Wouldn't you like to store the information someplace more permanent than a flimsy journal? And being the twice-failed blogger that I am, I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd succumb to their deafening pleas. So, 263 days after the birth of this project, here we are.

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